Terms & Conditions

  • Cancellation by Customer: If unfortunately, you want to cancel an order, you must cancel within 24 hours of placing the order by contacting us at contact@righthealthtech.com.au. You must inform us as soon as possible in case you do not want an order so that we do not dispatch the order and save on the courier cost and the effort.

    If you cancel your order before your product has been dispatched, we will refund the entire amount (in the case of a pre-paid order).

    If you cancel your order after your product has been dispatched, we will refund the amount minus shipping charges (in the case of a pre-paid order).

    Return and Refund policy: For a Damaged, Defective, Wrong or expired item, you can request a refund or replacement within 5 days of delivery.

    Righthealthtech PTY LTD and its supplier offers medical industry products but not limited to following in Mobility Device and in defecation assistive devices. Our supplier has strict policies on Hygiene and Customer safety. Hence you agree that we will not offer any return for a product which is delivered in good condition.

    Product Liability : In case of user error Righthealthtech PTY LTD is not liable for any damages, injuries, or losses that occur while using any of our Product.  When you buy any of our item you are entitled to use it under the expectation that it will fulfil its purpose effectively and safely.  If you buy something that fails to meet that basic standard of functionality and safety, then you must report to us immediately otherwise you might face a risk of harm and Righthealthtech PTY LTD will not be responsible for you loss.


    User Instruction:  

    Maximum weight carrying capacity of our wheelchair is 100kg. Hence you agree that your weight is equal or less than 100kg and you will follow all the safety precautions provided in our usual manual or explained by our official representative



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